Chronic Pain & Insomnia: Modern Epidemics That Affect Millions, Study

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Chronic Pain & Insomnia: Modern Epidemics That Affect Millions, Study

When it comes to living a healthy and quality life, your sleep quality matters a lot, a study confirmed. Life gets worse if people are dealing with chronic insomnia and pain in their daily routine. According to numerous studies concluded by the National Sleep Foundation, more than 40 to 50 million people on this planet experience frequent sleep problems. Sleep experts recommend buying sleeping pills online in the UK and other worldwide locations.

Nearly 20 per cent of the total population is dealing with severe chronic sleep problems that affect their overall life quality in critical ways. More so, chronic pain also affects your sleep-wake cycle. It is reported that more than 90 per cent chronic pain patients experience severe to chronic sleep loss in the night.

Chronic pain disrupts the sleep and keeps people awake in the night that affects their internal and external biological functions. Adults with chronic pain and sleep problems have a higher risk of physical, mental and neurological health problems.

Numerous studies say that sleep loss and chronic pain are associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, liver and kidney problems, gastrointestinal problems, type-2 diabetes and breathing difficulties.

Psychological Health Problems Triggered by Insomnia

Sleep researchers at the University of California stated that sleep-deprived people have serious psychological health problems. Patients with sleep loss have a higher level of anxiety, stress, depression and behavioural changes. More so, they experience memory problems, like memory loss, cognitive impairment, poor decision-making skills and reasoning problems.

In a recent study conducted by the psychiatric researchers revealed that sleep loss and chronic pain are the major contributors to the development of risk for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in the people. Biological problems caused by sleep loss and pain linked to the development of factors and hormones in the body that cause serious neurological health consequences.

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