Six elements that are the root source of coulrophobia

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Six elements that are the root source of coulrophobia

The primary factors
that lead to coulrophobia that is the fear of clowns are stated as

How children are
introduced to clowns

When our children
are added to clowns are life-threatening and harmful they then to
develop fear from clowns which over the period gets soo intense that
they show up signs of anxiety disorder, for which you can buy Xanax
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Most of the
individuals fear the ghosts rides and the funny and distorted face
that clowns make while there are others who them.

Age factor

The age at which they are exposed to the concept of horror films and the basic idea of clowns plays a significant role, sometime these things are revealed at very young age when they can’t figure out what is happening and they just feel afraid by seeing what is in front of them and this leads to causing claustrophobia, for which you can buy Xanax 1mg online UK.


If kids or teens
have parents who hold specific kind of phobia is but too natural that
they will also develop that phobia because the creepy phobias have
sneaked in them because of a genetic disorder.

Safe and secure

If the child witness
arguments and quarrels at home they developed a feeling of
self-conscious or anxiety and when they are introduced with the idea
of clowns with the distorted face of clown they build fear from them
and feels anxiety on the encounter.

The images of clowns can provoke intense fear of clowns for which you can buy Xanax 1mg online in the UK, the USA and other countries in the world from Modafinil Provigil – a registered online pharmacy that offers best Xanax to the patients.

Kids have weak
nervous mechanism evolvement

Children tend to be
more sensitive to new kinds of smells,various types of tastes and
different types of visual or audio sensations. The face of clowns and
behaviours are very negatively stimulating to kids.


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